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Showreel samples

An extension of your CV, your OnScreen Showreel allows a casting director to quickly see what you are like in front of the camera. We offer several options.

Showreel Edit

A professional editing service for performers who have existing video material they need to edit together into a showreel for casting and professional profiles.

Showreel Content

A professional production service for performers to create new material to showcase their individual talents. We will create
Custom scripts to clients' specifications + Consultation with the Producer + IMDB link + Showreel entered into 3 free-entry film festivals as a short film.


Filming and video-editing services for our Content Clients:

  • Free Consultation

  • Original script-writing

  • Film Production

  • Video-editing

  • Colour Grading

*Showreel Edit preparation

  • Narrow down the amount of footage you have to the past 5 years.
  • Include a range of different material, with your face and dialogue. The scenes should be no more than 45 seconds in length (although we can trim down longer scenes). We would also suggest that you bring in no more than 5 scenes.
  • Find the start and end timecodes of the scenes that you wish to use - these are usually displayed on the front of your DVD player, or in the corner of the media player.
  • Provide files on a USB Flash Drive or a DVD.
  • If you are unable to make your appointment please allow a minimum of 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment.
  • If you don't show up for a showreel editing appointment without a 24 hour cancellation unfortunately we will not be able to take any further showreel bookings from you.


 Showreel Edit | $50 deposit after consultation*.

Showreel Content | 50% deposit after consultation - pay the balance on day of shoot.
Extras (i.e. additional actors, additional shooting time, secondary location involving vehicular travel, DVD) all incur additional costs.

Speed Reel | 90 sec edit |
Snapshot for TV casting
Conversion of existing footage

Trailer Reel | 2-3 min edit |
Showcase of actor's best work to capture a diverse range of genres
Conversion of clients' existing footage + production music underscore

Show Reel | 2 x 90 sec compilations |
New content for casting |
2 x custom written scripts + 2 high quality productions + professional lighting and sound recording + 1 full day shoot day (7hrs) + 2hrs rehearsal on set with a director |

+BONUS Speed Reel edit of best moments | $220 value   


Presenter Reel | 3 x 30 sec compilations |
New content for casting | 2hr shoot
+ 30min rehearsal on set

Contact us below for your free consultation.

PH: 0431 215 299