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We want to make a movie. It could be yours.

As part of Coast OnScreen's mission to foster Screen production, training and networking in our region, we want to develop a slate of low-budget feature films for production.

We're looking for scripts

If you have a screenplay, or something that could be adapted into a screenplay get in touch. This includes short films, books, stageplays or any other medium.

A few guidelines:

  • It must your original copyright, or something you own full rights to.
  • While there are no set requirements on genre or subject, it must be something that can be produced on a micro to low-budget. If you are unsure how much it might cost, submit your idea and we can assess it.
  • It must be something that can be produced on the NSW Central Coast.
  • If you have talent attached (Actors, Director, Producer..) let us know.
  • If you want to Act, Direct, Produce or play any other key role in the film, let us know. 
  • If you have access to locations, props or other resources that might help in a production, let us know.
  • For now we only want a Logline and one-page Synopsis.
  • DO NOT send us the script. But let us know if the script is written and what draft it's up to.
  • Understand that Coast OnScreen makes no assurances or promises to produce your script if you submit it.
  • Further understand that you waive the right to sue us if we happen to produce something similar to your idea. 
    (We're a non-profit group and promise we won't rip you off. But coincidences happen all the time. 
    If you're not okay with this - don't submit.)
  • If shortlisted we will work with you to further develop the script. No charge.
  • Submit your Logline & Synopsis as a PDF or Word DOC file.

Submission can be sent to: info @